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  1. I am a human being. I acknowledge no higher power or authority than by free agreement with my fellows
  2. I will respect every person’s decision to pursue their own life-work and interests; and assert my own
  3. I will respect every person’s choice to hold differing opinions or beliefs; and assert my own
  4. I will respect every person’s freedom to change their opinion or belief, and to change their life-work or interests; and assert my own
  5. I will uphold human reason as a universal standard in human interactions
  6. I will uphold intellectual education as a universal good
  7. I will afford higher status to established facts and realities than to opinions, beliefs or theories
  8. I will work together within my every community to arrange a fair, safe, healthy and flexible social and physical environment in which to pursue our life-works and interests
  9. I will not take more than I give
  10. I will maintain an attitude of stewardship over the common goods of the social and physical environment, and render fair return to future generations

Some time ago I was challenged to devise a rational secular humanist alternative to the Judeo-Christian “Ten Commandments”, as a universal but practical guide to living.

The responses I came up with then, my “10 Affirmations to Live By”, I still think are worth defending, affirming, and abiding by.

But I would like to throw open the challenge to anyone to propose their own set of commandments, affirmations, or whatever name they wish to apply.

The goal is to produce a set of practical guidelines that can be followed universally by members of a secular society. There is no minimum or maximum number, but I would suggest more than 10 is probably unwieldy, and encourage economy as a means of encouraging careful prioritizing.

My rules of participation are that they should be in language suitable to teach to children in schools, and they should be free of the language of prejudice or unfair discrimination.

I reserve the right to delete posts or block users fail to respect the aims of this blog.